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About Metro: Exodus

Before you download Metro Exodus torrent from FitGirl Repacks, let’s learn more about this hyped game. In the third part of the end-of-time shooter based on the novel by Dimitry Glukhovsky, we leave the eponymous metro of post-nuclear Moscow behind us in order to find a new living space in the vastness of Russia. Why this change of scene brings a fresh gaming experience, but also leaves a part of the series DNA behind, you will find out in the test.

Next stop: Exodus

In 2036, the nuclear winter still has Moscow firmly in its grip. While snowstorms, radioactive radiation and mutated beasts rule the ruins of the former capital, the survivors of the great war continue to fight for the continued existence of humanity in the tunnel system of the metro. Not only darkness and privation shape their everyday lives, but also the ongoing war against bloodthirsty mutants and rival factions.

Only the young Artyom, a member of the battle-hardened Spartan order and son-in-law of its leader Colonel Miller, does not want to accept this fate. Again and again he dares to go to the hostile surface to look for survivors beyond the city limits.

When he finally succeeds in this, events roll over: Together with his wife Anna and his Spartan brothers, Artjom unceremoniously hijacks the robust Aurora steam locomotive in order to escape Moscow and look for a habitat spared from war in the vastness of Russia.

Open play worlds instead of tubular tunnels

Of course, this trip is anything but smooth: Whether it is a question of overcoming a blocked section of the route or getting new fuel, Metro: Exodus always finds reasons to release us into our newly won freedom.

Every stop brings us into a completely new end-time setting: While we initially fight our way along the Volga through the ice and snow of the nuclear winter, a few hours later we look for whipping in the scorching desert, which was once known as the Caspian Sea Sandstorm protection.

On the other hand, it is a lot more peaceful in the taiga, where we make our way through dense forests, which are the epitome of overgrowing the last traces of human civilization.

Although the game world does not unfold as a gigantic contiguous open world, but in the form of several spacious areas, these are characterized by a noticeable attention to detail, a breathtaking look and probably the most atmospheric staging of a day-night change that we have so far were allowed to experience in a game.

In addition, we are rewarded for every tour of discovery: Not only can a handful of side jobs be completed in almost every area – in addition to the main mission – but also diaries, notes and tapes await us in the numerous ruins of the lost world, telling us the stories of the world and its inhabitants to bring closer to impressive.

Is the metro still a metro without a metro?

Despite the open game world, Metro: Exodus still has numerous passages in which we have to squeeze through pitch-black vaults, underground complexes and abandoned bunker corridors.

When the condensation on our gas mask visor forms larger and larger drops, the Geiger counter hits with a crack, the air filter display begins to beep ominously and our flickering flashlight gradually gives up the ghost – then it’s back: the classic claustrophobic metro feeling that has been fans of the series Love from the start!

However, Metro: Exodus does not succeed in saving all virtues in the new concept. With the great exodus, the series also leaves its identity-creating socio-political scenario behind in the Moscow underground. The eschatological vision of a society of survivors, which, guided by the extremist ideologies of the lost world, falls apart into rival factions just to continue the war, no longer plays a role here.

Accordingly, in the course of the game we do not have to deal with communists of the “Red Line” or fascists of the “Fourth Reich”, but mainly with genre stereotypes such as religious fanatics, crazy cannibals and brutal raider gangs – a shame!

Metro Exodus gameplay torrent download

Shoot down or blow your mind – that is the question

Whether we face the new antagonist in open combat or prefer to proceed slowly, is up to us, as in the previous ones. Since the offensive variant costs valuable ammunition, causes noise and carries the risk of quick death, the quiet route usually turns out to be the better one.

We use the darkness to our advantage, wait until night falls or switch off light sources in order to remain undetected. If we have stalked a careless opponent, we send him to the ground at the push of a button by either knocking him out or killing him.

The way in which we solve a conflict or a problem has far-reaching consequences: Our actions determine whether crew members die or survive, stay by our side or turn away from us. And our actions also make a lasting impression on the inhabitants of the wasteland.

Sometimes, however, the decision is made for us. For example, if we are discovered during a stealth maneuver and a fire fight becomes inevitable. Then we bravely grab shotguns, Kalashnikovs, air rifles and the like and shoot whatever it takes. Weapons that we then loot from our opponents will be added to our arsenal – if not already known.

This also applies to the various modifications to magazines, barrels and aiming devices, which – once captured – we are allowed to screw on, unscrew and replace at any time.

Survival made (too) easy

What would a metro be without some struggle for survival: gas mask filters wear out, ammunition reserves are running low, weapons wear out and equipment parts are damaged.

How can one be master of it? By doing what it takes! Fortunately, we can find a lot of scrap in the wasteland that can be used to manufacture cartridges, air filters, medicits and the like. Yes, if we don’t completely refrain from going on an exploration tour every now and then, we even find so much of it that we rarely get the feeling of being stuck in a survival adventure marked by scarcity – this is where Metro: Exodus would have us to be allowed to go harder.

After all, only the simplest objects can be produced on the go. In order to repair worn out equipment, clean weapons or manufacture high quality ammunition, however, we have to visit a workbench. We find those sparsely distributed across the world or in our mobile home base, the Aurora.

The Aurora: The True Heart of Metro: Exodus

Here, in the rattling steam train, we also spend the quiet phases between our assignments. We maintain our equipment, hold briefings, monitor the radio, read in our diary about completed missions, fellow campaigners and all kinds of creatures of the wasteland.

Above all, we spend time with our crew members – the grim Colonel, our beloved Anna, the Duke who emulates us in everything, the cranky train driver Jermak and the rest. We watch them in their daily tasks, listen to their conversations, approach them so that they speak to us – sometimes cheerful, sometimes philosophical, sometimes referring to our approach in the last mission.

Metro: Exodus amazes us again and again at how sensitively, individually and lifelike these characters are brought to life.

However, it is all the more annoying that our protagonist remains mute – at all times during the game. A dubious and incomprehensible design decision, which often causes involuntarily funny or irritating moments.

Nevertheless, this fact has in no way prevented us from trundling back and forth from one crew member to the next in order to trigger another dialogue, another anecdote. We were so touched by these interactions that we were reluctant to start the next mission.

Even if our counterparts remained silent at some point, we preferred to squeeze through the small door in the driver’s cab in order to enjoy the atmosphere for a short moment and the pleasant transit feeling that the rushing landscape and the rhythmic rattle of the rails brought with it. And that wasn’t because the Metro: Exodus story chapters were boring – on the contrary.

Our hesitation was just proof of how fantastically the makers of this “end of the world shooter” managed to let its core message affect the player through atmospheric staging: We just felt at home on the Aurora. And that’s exactly the point: Although this road trip to the east is evidently about finding a home, Metro: Exodus lets us feel firsthand that the goal we strive for is not a place, but only the community itself can.

A community that laughs together in a steam engine racing through the post-apocalypse, makes music, celebrates, drinks, smokes, brags, marries, argues, cries, cares for one another – and looks boldly towards each morning.


A metro without any tunnel vaults, train shafts and the like – is that even possible? Yes, extremely well! Although Metro: Exodus leaves its socially critical scenario in the Moscow underground with the introduction of new locations, it gives us an open game world that convinces with graphic opulence, attention to detail and variety, without ever denying the dark, melancholy tone of the series.

All this as well as the fantastic staging of the Aurora and its crew make Metro: Exodus a must-have for all fans of atmospheric gaming experiences. Download Metro Exodus torrent from FitGirl Repacks now for free.