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Updated Disco Elysium – v1.518.6.2

  • Genres: RPG, Open world, Isometric, 3D models on 2D backgrounds
  • Company: ZA/UM
  • Languages: ENG
  • Original Size: 11.4 GB
  • Repack Size: 6.8 GB
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox, PS4/PS3, Nintendo Switch
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About Disco Elysium

Before you download the free Disco Elysium torrent from Fitgirl Repacks, you should learn more about this game. With Disco Elysium, a unique detective role-playing game enters the stage that players will be talking about for many years to come – as long as they are proficient in the English language. A complex and versatile masterpiece wallowing in excessive drug abuse, intelligent dialogues and a gripping plot. Watch out, dear people. History is made here.

The current success of Disco Elysium will certainly surprise one or the other game enthusiast. Very few people had the isometric indie RPG from the Estonian studio ZA / UM on their list. The history of the studio is almost as absurd as Disco Elysium itself.

What emerged as a merger of a large number of artists developed into a 20-person development studio. Goal of the studio? To develop a complex and unique detective role-playing game, then still under the name No Truce With The Furies.

In 2018 the title was renamed Disco Elysium with a first gameplay trailer. The developers are clearly oriented towards tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons and role models such as Baldur’s Gate or Planescape: Torment, but they bring a lot of creativity and individuality with them.

Disco Elysium is fundamentally different from other role-playing games and creates a wild mix of point & click and old-school RPG. However, if you want to get involved in the game, you shouldn’t be lazy! In order to explain the phenomenon around Disco Elysium, let’s start from scratch.

I am the law!

As usual for role-playing games, Disco Elysium starts in the character editor. But let me tell you, at this early point in the detective adventure it ends with standard food. Choosing between a variety of wild hairstyles, determining skin color or gender? Nothing. Disco Elysium doesn’t want to deal with such banalities at all. Instead, we either choose between three prefabricated archetypes (the thinker, the sensitive or the physical) or create our own character. In this case, we have four attributes (intellect, psyche, physique and motor skills) available in the first step.

Once we have done that, we can also unlock a skill. The selection includes a total of 24 skills that we could hardly like better. Some of them, like logic or empathy, are self-explanatory and a fundamental tool in everyday detective work.

Others are complex traits, understandable and creatively packaged. “Inland Empire” strengthens our premonitions and our gut feeling, but also leads, according to the description, to dreams while awake. Biting through the huge number of possibilities can take a lot of time, but gives us a feeling of freedom that we haven’t felt in the RPG cosmos for a long time.

Are we playing a very educated, intellectual detective whose own psyche is so slow? Or would you prefer the muscular disco thug who likes to sing karaoke and sinks into a swamp of drugs, parties and alcohol? The choice is entirely up to you and rarely has it been as individual as in Disco Elysium.

Where there is nothing…

Once you have decided on a character, you start into the beautifully dark game world. Disco Elysium uses a demanding language with a lot of sensitivity for humor and poetry right from the start. We find ourselves in a shabby hostel and an even shabbier hotel room – the latter is our fault, as it turns out later.

Our “hero” can best be described as a heap of misery. A drunk who wakes up to a monstrous hangover. It even goes so far that simple answers to questions like “Who are we?” or “What is our job?” just don’t want to get into your head. At first it sounds like the clichéd role-playing game that you have seen countless times, but a little later it turns out to be the only right decision.

The freedom that Disco Elysium gives us can only really develop. As an alcoholic oak we struggle through the hotel, collect our clothes and meet our colleague Kim at the exit. He finally gives us more insight into the situation: We are a cop and are supposed to solve the death of a hanged man. Are we really the right man for this?!

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