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  • Genres: Fun, Third-person, 3D
  • Companies: Rockstar North and Rockstar Games
  • Languages: Multi (English or Russian)
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About Among Us

How does Among Us actually work? What do you have to do in the game and what exactly is the goal? The indie title from the developer InnerSloth is not only enjoying great popularity on the PC, but above all on the mobile phone. You can play the game for free by download the Among Us crack from our site.

Anyone who has looked at the Steam Charts or the Google Play Store Charts in the last few days will surely have noticed the game. Mostly the question then follows, what kind of game is Among Us and what exactly do you have to do there?

How does Among Us work?

The gameplay is simple and is sure to be familiar to many. It is practically the online version of the popular classic parlor game “Werewolf”. Among Us can have up to ten players. These are located on the standard map “The Skeld” on a spaceship.

There can be up to three impostors (traitors) among the ten players. So these are not recognizable, but kill the crewmates on board one after the other until only they are left. The so-called crewmates have to work through a list of tasks – to win, all tasks must be completed before everyone is dead.

The tasks are all kept very simple. For example, one task you could be given would be removing leaves from the airlock. However, the focus is not on the complexity of the tasks.

As a crewmate you have another opportunity to win – namely by exposing the Impostor and throwing it from the spaceship. The vote takes place as soon as a lifeless body is found or an emergency meeting is called. Then a discussion opens up for you. If you want to comment on something, you should type quickly, as many players out there like to vote too quickly.

The killers will of course deny their actions and try to cover them up. You can then cast your vote in the voting. If a player has received a large number of votes, he is eliminated. However, this choice may well be the wrong one. As a crewmate ghost, you can float around and continue to help your teammates by completing your tasks.

This discussion becomes livelier if you use voice chat. This is not only faster than typing, it also challenges your ability to lie or track it down even more. In addition, it is more fun, especially among friends, if you can hear each other.


The gameplay of Among Us is actually quite simple. In the game you start with up to ten other crew members in a spaceship. There will be one or two traitors among the crew members, depending on the game configuration. The crew members have to perform different tasks and the two traitors have to try to sabotage the endeavor and finish off the good players. When a player is killed and the corpse is found, there is a vote in the game.

The vote will then discuss who the traitor could be. When the players have made up their minds, the player with the most votes will be kicked out of the spaceship, and then it will be displayed whether the player was an innocent crew member or the traitor. The goal is to complete the tasks and to find the traitor among the players.

Of course, you can also play Among Us with friends and even cross-play. Simply create a new lobby, share the code and use it to invite friends or join the session.

Proximity Chat for Among Us

The Proximity Chat for Among Us has taken the game to a new level. You play with your friends and can actually hear them when they are around you in the game. Accordingly, the players here also have the chance to exchange ideas during the round and do not have to wait until the next meeting.

The whole thing can be really funny, especially when there are several impostors. These can easily get together and forge nasty plans! – At best without being overheard.

So what are you waiting for? Download the latest Among Us crack and start playing right away.